It is the aim of S.D.G.S to provide the best possible education to its students at minimal cost. Our primary aim is to develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty, trust tolerance and compassion, to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism, to help the student to become a meaningful part of his environment and to know that courage and industry of their due reward . responsible global citizens.

Shambhu Dayal Global School a long awaited project of the Shambhu Dayal Trust is, infact a dream project of the trust .Today spread over an area about two acres in the heart of the city.

The school functions under a registered society with members belonging to well known business houses, industrial establishments and Educational Institution of Ghaziabad.

Every parent aspires to give his child the best education possible within his reach .This school is dedicated to the people of Ghaziabad, with the hope that many dreams and aspirations will be realized through the institution.

The Shambhu Dayal Trust has been servings the people of Ghaziabad for almost 100 years with the institution like Shambhu Dayal Inter College & Shambhu Dayal Post Graduate College (SDPG)

The Shambhu Dayal Trust was set up in 1917 by the Great visionary and profound educationist (Late) Lala Shambhu Dayal

Shambhu Dayal Global School is the flagship project of this trust to provide excellence and quality education