Education is today’s commitment for tomorrow. Gone are the days when the goal of education was merely to deliver the instructions. Today we have entered in the ‘creative age’. The 21st century skills such as civic literacy, global awareness, cross cultural sensitivity and effective communication skills are seamlessly woven into SHAMBHU DAYAL GLOBAL SCHOOL regular curriculum transactions with the aim to proliferate what is called “human excellence”.

SHAMBHU DAYAL GLOBAL SCHOOL aims at providing its students ‘child centric’ education .In order to help their overall development SHAMBHU DAYAL GLOBAL SCHOOL committed to impart quality education for the holistic development of the children. The school’s approach illustrates the inter relationship of all the disciplines of knowledge, promotes social and reflective thinking, and fosters the ability to face the myriad challenges of life comfortably. .As a part of this ongoing journey towards excellence, the almanac has been designed so that it can serve more than its routinely understood purpose as an almanac and a rule book, by additionally becoming an effective communication channel between the parents and school.

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